An idea, a dream for a different kind of store was born


Due to circumstances that were crippling and devastating at the same time the dream died


A unique idea for a ministry was given birth and an awesome family of servants went to work.


In 2009 the leadership team of World Prayr began working by praying, brainstorming and planning, on a new way to fund the ministry and support other ministries as well. A vision or an idea came to them in 2010 which was to open a one of a kind Online Department Store, that would be ministry focused. In 2012 a test site of products was released to prepare the way for 2013.


Aggressively pulling products, fine-tuning, getting things ready for the opening of the store. We are working hard on what is a major project that we believe will make a real difference as we work hard to support ministries and churches.


After three years of hard work we plan to showcase what we have been working on. We cannot wait to show you and we pray you are just as excited to see it!

In 2014 we will release what has been the hard work of many. Picture shopping at a Kohls, Target, Ross and a Christian Book store at the same time. Then imagine as you checkout someone asking "who you would like to give 100% of the profit too." That's right, Someone will actually ask you "Which church or ministry would you like us to send your check to as we give 100% of the profit to them." Now that is a radical concept, We think you will agree.

Three years, thousands of hours of development, design and finding vendors, pulling products, what it is, has become and will be excites everyone involved. The store will open with over 300 categories, 8000 products plus and more than 200 vendors. It will have a strong ministry focus and heart to serve others, it promises to be a truly unique experience in "Working To Give."

Learn more about this amazing adventure the World Prayr family calls FaithFactr Department Store by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can learn more about the amazing team who is doing this work and the tremendous ministry called World Prayr by visiting either their main website or their blog.

We know you are just as excited about this new store as the ministries we have talked to are, the team is and those who are working on this Herculean project are. As time gets closer for opening, watch below for status updates. We promise as we get ready to release we will begin posting more updated releases

As always we look forward to serving you and those God puts in our path.

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